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Epidural Infusion (therapeutic)


Janet’s Story

A lively three-year old will keep you jumping. At age 61, Janet is up to the task. She watches her grand nephew part time as a way of helping her family.  She loves the pure joy of it.  Not too long ago, Janet was living in chronic, debilitating pain caused by nerve damage from unsuccessful back surgeries.  First treated in St. Louis, she had a disk removed to alleviate the pain in her left leg.  It didn’t solve the problem.  She saw a neurosurgeon in Ohio who did a stabilization procedure for her back; little changed. After that there were visits to a pain specialist who did injections along with dispensing more medication than Janet wanted to take.  “I was living in constant pain for 14 years from severe nerve damage.  I couldn’t do the things I loved but I just kept pushing through it.”

Plan of Action

“When I met Dr. Gupta, I can honestly say that he was the first doctor who really listened to me. He understood that my two goals were to reduce the pain and to get off all medications.”  Janet continues, “He came up with a plan of action after carefully examining my history. I was impressed with how he thoroughly researched my problem and suggested a relatively new procedure tailored to me.”  Dr. Gupta positions an external Ketamine Pump and stretching from the pump is a catheter which he carefully threads into the specific damaged nerve that plagues Janet. Worn over a period of days, the pump dispenses a combination of ketamine and other medicine deep into the nerve.  The goal is to keep Janet pain free for several months, then repeat the procedure until she can go a year without pain, all the while reducing the medication that she is taking.

Future of Hope

“On a scale of 10, my pain level dropped from 9.5 to 1.5. This has given me back my life,” Janet exclaims.  “Many doctors don’t take the time or effort to help you the way Dr. Gupta did.  He is very intelligent and caring. He worked with my insurance company for approval of the procedure.  I also felt that I had all the time I needed to talk to him.  Again, he listens and he never gave up on me.”  Janet goes on to say, “Constant pain is depressing.  It can change your whole personality.  Other doctors told me that there was nothing else they could do.  When you find someone who listens, that alone gives you hope.”

Normal Activities

Janet was always moving.  Sitting, walking and standing for long were all just too painful.  “Since the ketamine infusion, I’m back working in my garden.  I have much more energy since I don’t take the prescription drugs that made me too tired.”  She is also an avid wii tennis player.  Her family holds frequent tournaments. “I’m not always winning but I’m back playing my 8 year old grand nephew,” Janet reports.  The leg pain has dramatically improved so that she can be found walking a flea market in search of an antique treasure.  Janet can enjoy all of these pleasures and hobbies again since the infusion treatment.


“Over 14 years, I ended up in the Emergency Room many times,” Janet laments.  “They generally just give you heavier medication for the pain and it never resolves the problem. I have seen many doctors but since I’ve seen Dr. Gupta, I haven’t returned to the ER, I take less medication and in a lower dose.”  Janet concludes, “The infusion procedure helped more than any treatment I tried over the many years that I suffered.  I feel that I am on the path to being drug free.  It’s a process and it’s working.  I have so much trust in Dr. Gupta and his wonderful staff.”

Frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tales

Janet is retired now after her rewarding career as an interpreter for hearing impaired students.  She has a deep appreciation for Dr.Gupta’s kindness, respect and particularly, his exceptional ability to listen.  Her life is full and her days are busy.  Her favorite three-year old is a bundle of energy and she knows what little boys are made of:  love.