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Fluoroscopy Guided Injection for Back & Neck Pain


Tim’s Story: Physician

As a physician, Tim sees firsthand how countless patients live with chronic, debilitating pain.  He didn’t expect it to happen to him.  Active, fit and in the prime of life, Tim began to suffer chronic neck pain which he dauntlessly slugged through.  Over the course of two years, the neck pain evolved into excruciating, cervicogenic headaches.  They were daily, constant and although Tim kept going in his busy professional life, he was wearing down, both physically and emotionally.  “I was losing ground over time.  I tried treatments that included therapy exercises, medication, traction as well as seeking the professional counsel of many of my colleagues who treat headaches.  Nothing helped.  I was becoming more frustrated, more emotional and the symptoms were actually progressing.”


After a year of suffering the headaches, Tim found the answer at the Advance Pain Treatment Center.  Dr. Pragya Gupta determined that the perplexing headaches were caused by inflammation at the facet joints in the cervical area of the spine.  He was able to treat Tim with injections that reduced the neck pain and the headaches immediately.  “I wanted a clear diagnosis with a focused, treatment plan.  Dr. Gupta is the best diagnostician in pain management I know.  He had already shown that to me by the way he had treated the patients I referred to him.” Tim relays the story of his visit to the Center.  “I drove four hours round trip to see Dr. Gupta.  I asked that he give me only a local anesthetic for the injection procedure since I wanted to drive home that day.”  Although it is quite common to have a sedative medication administered intravenously during this treatment, Dr. Gupta agreed to place the I.V. but not to give Tim any short acting narcotic that could keep him from driving home.  “I have total confidence in Dr. Gupta.  The injection was done with a local anesthetic and went very smoothly.  I didn’t need the sedation even though Dr. Gupta was prepared to administer it if I did.”


Why was Tim, Dr. Gupta’s patient and a physician himself, so confident in the diagnosis and treatment plan?  “Dr. Gupta is a throwback to the time when doctors listened to their patients.  He makes a diagnosis based on his training, knowledge and experience.  He is very adept at diagnostic testing, has phenomenal training in pain management and is a surgeon as well.”  Tim continues, “Dr. Gupta gives incredible mental effort to research and diagnoses the problem before he even touches you with a procedure.  He tailors the procedure to the patient and their pain and gives 110% effort to solve your problem and treat it properly.  You don’t get that feeling from all doctors.  It’s rare.”


As a physician, Tim knows the desperation that a person feels living with chronic pain. A doctor can detach from the steady flow of patients living in misery, coming through the door all day long.  He was inspired by Dr. Gupta’s sincerity, his compassion and his caring nature and pleasant demeanor. Tim explains, “Dr. Gupta’s biggest motivation is the well being of his patients.  By the time they see him, a patient has already stumped two or more doctors.  They have probably seen their family doctor, a neurologist, an orthopedist or a rehab doc.  They have had all the standard tests and treatments.  Yet, they still have no diagnosis, or effective treatment and they still live in pain.”


Tim attributes the accurate diagnosis as the key to getting better. “Dr. Gupta places enormous energy on the front end to research and understand the pain and its origin.  His knowledge base is ultra modern and his intellectual diagnosis and surgical training make the procedures easier for him and the patient.”  Tim adds, “Dr. Gupta will only do a procedure or medication if it’s consistent with the scientific literature and his experience.  He offers the newest treatment and will only do things that are effective.”

Happy Ending

The perplexing pain disorder inflicted its physical and emotional toll on Tim.  But Dr. Gupta allowed him to return to his busy routine, for which he is very grateful.