Pain Management Clinic in Edgewood, KY. - Dr. Gupta

Pragya B. Gupta, M.D, F.R.C.S (EDIN), D.A.B.P.M., C.P.I

Medical Director

Medical Director Dr. Gupta is an American Board-Certified Anesthesiologist & Pain management specialist. Dr. Gupta holds a fellowship diploma in General Surgery from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (UK). Dr. Gupta is a Tufts Medical Center (Boston, MA) residency trained Anesthesiologist and fellowship-trained pain management specialist.

Dr. Gupta has been practicing pain medicine (interventional and non-interventional) since 2002 in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. He has treated more than 4500 patients under the auspices of the Advanced Pain Treatment Center. After having a successful clinical practice for a while, In 2012, he started the Otrimed Clinical research, a subsidiary of Advanced Pain Treatment Center dedicated to conducting high-quality clinical research in pain medicine and allied specialties. The goal was to help develop as well as supporting dedicated pharmaceutical companies safe therapeutic and interventional options for treating intractable chronic pain conditions and psychiatric disorders. Clinical research also offered Dr. Gupta’s patients newer and safer therapeutic options to the patients free of costs. To learn about and or to participate in the currently available clinical studies, please visit

Dr.Gupta is an AHEC Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, KY.
Dr. Gupta is licensed to practice Medicine in the below-given states.● Kentucky 34920 ● California C152074 ● Ohio 35-082213 ● Massachusetts 154671